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3/3/14: I’m starting to feel better and have a bit of a spring to my step now.  I am gaining some weight and enjoying all the good food here that just keeps coming.  Went to the vet this week for a much needed bath and some bloodwork.  It is just  going to take time for me to get healthy again.

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2/22/14:  I don’t have a lot to report like the others and we are just trying to put some weight on me because I am so skinny.  I’m a bit older than Fender and Lotus Rose and have suffered from bad nutrition longer.  However I’m not as old as you may think and as I get healthy you will see a remarkable difference.  I’m going to the vet this week for some bloodwork and a bath.  I have a cyst on my tail they will take off when I am strong enough to be spayed.  I will also have a much needed dental and my teeth are like grains of rice.  Thank you all so much for caring about this little girl and it is a love I never thought possible.

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2/1/14:  I am so afraid this good life might end that I just cling to everyone I meet.  I never imagined such a good life was possible for a little girl like me.  We have freedom out in the yard to walk around and there is plenty of food for everyone.  I will be going for a bath soon and when I gain some weight I will be spayed.  I am so very happy to be here in this wonderful place and they say my life is only going to get better.


1/27/14:  Lotus Rose, Fender and I just arrived here at the rescue.  What a wonderful place this is with plenty of food and a warm place to sleep.  The animal control picked us up along with many other dogs because we weren’t being cared for.  Thank goodness they came before the cold and snow or many of us would not have made it.  The rescues came to get the other dogs just as you folks came for us and we thank you so much for saving our lives.   We have met the other collies and they say we are going to find homes where we will be loved and cared for.  Please check back to see our progress and watch us blossom as we become healthy again.  If you would like to help with our medical care just hit the donate button and say it is for us.


We never imagined anyone would care about us.  Thank you so very much Ann L. Bishop, Ann Moyle, Cheryl Budde, Julie Ferrario, George Jensen II, Christina Clark, Kellyanne Kasheta, Kim Rettberg, Anne White, Linda Plante, Bobby Chastain, Judy Tull, Virginia King, Audrey Sumner, Sheila Nelson, Mary Diesen, Susan Hopkins, Joe Rogers, Carol Lightcap, James Pollard, Gayle Taylor, Laurina Emery-Jacobs, MaryJo Scarlette and Deborah Knowles