Maylee (Adopted)










8/15/19:  It’s been a very long journey for me, going from being neglected to now being the most loved collie.  While having my eye surgery the Johnston’s have been coming to visit me every week until I could go home with them.  Today I am the happiest girl in the world and have settled in just fine.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find this great family.


7/30/19:  Had my entropion surgery today and I sort of look like a raccoon.  This is where a section of skin is removed from the affected eyelid to reverse its inward rolling.  I have to wear this cone for 2 weeks when the stitches will come out.  I know it is going to fill so much better and fortunately my eyes have not been damaged.









7/11/19:  It has been a very eventful 2 weeks for me.  First I had a bath and my hair has started to grown back.  Then I went to the vet for a checkup and some bloodwork which was good.  The did find my eyelids rolls inward causing the eyelashes to rub my eyes.  This is very painful for me and excited I will be having surgery to correct this on the 30th.  Please keep me in your prayers.
















6/23/29:  I was allowed to roam free and my care has been neglected over the years so animal control took me in.  When my hold time was up the rescue came to get me and I am loving it here.  My eyes are matted with infection and I have a lot of hair loss.  I am only 43 pounds and need to gain some weight which isn’t a problem since I love to eat.  The folks here assure me that with care all of this will get better and I will be beautiful again.  I’m headed to the vet this week for an check over.  Please check back to see my progress.

Thank you Rosemary Aja, Karen Brown, Barbara Minakakis, Catherine Wells, Kim Moore and Mary Jane Checchi for helping with the expense of my eye surgery.





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