Bing (Adopted)


1/27/19:  Please meet my new folks Jean and Will.  They have big plans for me and I’m going to be a therapy dog.  Mom and I are going to class where I will learn many things.  I’m very smart and this should be no problem for me.  Right now I am getting settled in and learning my place in the family.  I will be there 2nd adoption from the rescue and know how lucky I am to have found the Powell’s.







1/20/19:  I’m still a pup at 1 ½ years and learning lots of new things.  A collie mix fellow at about 45 pounds and that’s a pretty good weight for me.  Priscilla is my sister and our folks took us to the animal shelter were the rescue saved us.  Doing great with the housetraining and I have been neutered.  I’m a sweet fellow with a lot of personality and will play fetch with you.  I do prefer the company of females and no cats please because I chase them.







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