Bowie (Adopted)

10/12/29:  Well Maureen & Craig sure know a great girl when they see her picture.  We made it safely to my new home with them in NY and I have met the rest of the pack.  The other dogs have accepted me as a new family member and I’m going to love it here.  Unfortunately the Licata’s realize I must be kept on a strict diet to get this extra weight off.  I must admit I am feeling so much better after losing eight pounds.  Thanks everyone that help me to find these great folks.








10/6/19:  I have been at the rescue about two weeks and one of the happiest 5 year old girls you will ever meet.  At 106 pounds I am on a strict diet and have already lost 6 which is a good start.  I get plenty of exercise here with the puppies chasing me around and enjoy playing with them.  Miss Jean throws the ball for me, I run after it but not much on bringing it back.  I am housetrained and crate trained but I don’t really need one.  I get along with all the other dogs and cats are ok with me.  With diet and exercise I will slim down in no time.

Thank you Maureen Hilgaertner for helping with my medical needs.


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