Buster (Adopted)










2/16/19:  It’s my big day and going home with the Blethen’s.  This is my new girlfriend Makani and it was love at first sight.  We run, play and nap together when we finally get tired.  Then she showed me how to go in and out the dog door.  I am the happiest boy ever and I think Makani is real happy to have a playmate.  Mom and dad are pretty cool too.



















2/10/19:  Hello folks, I am a three year old collie fellow in rescue because I was a bit to much for my elderly owners.  I know all my obedience commands except still working on come.  I do like to go out in the yard to bark at things you can’t see or hear and we are working on that also.  Oh I’m a talker and do that funny collie talk especially when my butt is rubbed.  I enjoy playing fetch with toys and doing great on the leash walks.  I try to keep all 4 feet on the floor but sometimes I get excited and jump up on people.  I’m no couch potato and an active fellow.  I do get along with the other dogs but no cats for me please.  I’m looking for an active person or family that likes to do things with their dog.


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