Bobo (Adopted)




3/13/21:  Well it turned out I need to learn some housetraining.  Since a wee puppy I have been using a pad in the house and just learning about going outside.  Susan decided she would take this job on and work with me.  Since arriving home I am doing really well and also using the dog door.  This is my new mentor Brooklyn and she is showing me to have confidence.  She is a senior lady that was also adopted from CRC and she has a lot of knowledge.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find this wonderful lady willing to work with me and give me a chance.  Bobo



2/28/21:  I am a 9 month old, 70 pound, good looking collie fellow.  My owner unexpectedly passed away so I came to the collie rescue.  I have been well taken care of and was loved very much.  I’m a little confused right now but sure do enjoy having the company of the other dogs.  The rescue folks are getting to know me and will update as they know more.


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