Canyon (Adopted)


11/10/19:  I had just arrived at the rescue when Maureen and Craig came to adopt Bowie and take her home.  After meeting me Craig fell in love with me and wanted to adopt me also.  I wasn’t ready to go since my medical work wasn’t complete.  So today they made the drive to come take me home.  I am so happy to be joining the Licata Family.








10/27/19:  I am a skinny, one year old collie fellow that needs to gain some weight.  That is not a problem because I love to eat and will do anything for treats.  I am learning manners like walking on the leash, basic commands and not to jump up.  I am crate trained and doing well with the house training.  I have a lot of personality and will make you laugh.  Also I really like belly rubs.


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