Cassie (Adopted)

10/10/19:  They said good things happen for doggies that wait and so it was for me.  Thomas and Maggie came today to take me to my new home.  They are just wonderful folks and I am so happy to be joining the O’Neal family.  Our home is pretty far away so I will be doing things I have never done before like staying in a hotel.  My life just keeps getting better and better.
















8/25/19:  I’ve given this some thought and think I would like to be the only dog.  I can get along with the others but don’t really pay any attention to them.  I’m a well-mannered girl, great on the leash, enjoy walks and rides in the car.  I have a strong desire to please and seem to know what you are asking of me.  I know my basic commands like sit, down and come and every now and then will play a little fetch.  I just like doing whatever you would like to do and being by your side.


7/17/19:  I’m a 8 year old collie mix girl about 48 pounds that came all the way from TN.  The folks at the shelter liked me so much they drove me six hours to the rescue.  I’m housetrained, crate trained and love people.  I do better with the male dogs as I am a bit of an alpha female.  This week I went to the vet for my spay and some blood work which was good.  I do like to cut a rug out in the yard rolling on my back.

Thank you Barbara Shoaf for helping with my medical needs.
















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