2/19/20:  Finally, someone crazy enough to adopt me has come along.  Turns out I’m Jeff’s kind of guy and he likes a fellow with personality.  Miss Jean told him how I like to do unappreciated home renovations and my master gardener skills with unplanting and severe pruning of brushes and trees.  I even showed him some of my smooth moves like getting on the kitchen table and my athletic ability with springing into the air to knock people down.  Didn’t matter to Jeff and we are now on a road trip headed to my new home in Texas.  As we were pulling out of the driveway Miss Jean was changing the locks, put out the closed sign and blocked Jeff’s phone number.  I know she really loved me and will miss me although it may take a week, month, OK maybe not.  Jeff is the right person for me and us guys are going to bond on our long trip.  Please say prayers that I can behave and that Jeff has nerves of steel.




11/12/19:  I’m doing so good here at the rescue with learning manners and boundaries.  Jumping up is the hardest for me because I get so excited when I see people.  Doing better playing with the other dogs and most of them beat me up when they get tired of me pestering them.  I have a lot of energy and they usually get tired before I do.  Watching the birds come to the feeder is one of my favorite things to do.



























10/27/19:  Jake here, a two year old, tri collie fellow at 80 pounds.  I have no clue how large I am and we are working on not jumping up.  I enjoy playing with the other dogs but I am a bit rough.  My favorite way to get attention from the other dogs is to body slam them and not sure how much they like that. I just don’t know how to play and another thing we are working on here at the rescue.  I am full of energy and a very smart fellow.  I am housetrained, crate trained, know basic commands and good on the leash.

Thank you Jenny’s Cause 4 Paws, Inc., Susan Veld and Ann Leslie Valenza for helping with my medical needs.




Dublin 59/12/14:  Well we found our my tumor was cancer and growing every day.  It was getting so large I could hardly walk and I was in a lot of pain.  So after a big meal of burgers, nuggets, fries and a milkshake Miss Jean held my paw while I crossed the rainbow bridge.  I’m free of all pain, neglect and abuse.  Do not be sad for me and sometimes you are only meant to play a part in our lives for a small time.  I left your world knowing I was loved and cared for.  Thank you so much for that.  Dublin


8/31/14:  Feeling a bit stronger and getting around much better.  However I have this large fatty tumor on my right shoulder and it is causing my leg to hurt.  I will be going to the vet on Tuesday so see if anything can be done.


LeeLee 2













My new name is Dublin and I am a senior fellow probably around ten years old.  I was so miserable I decided to just stand in the middle of the road and wait for a car to come.  However it happened the car was being driven by a wonderful lady who realized the bad shape I was in and she picked me up.  Immediately we were off to the groomer where the many years of mats were shaved off.  They removed so many ticks, fleas and some maggots were also living under there.  It is so wonderful to have air getting to my skin and didn’t remember what it was like.  Then we were off to the vet where I was vaccinated, heartworm tested (negative), wormed and given treatment for fleas.  The vet was wonderful and donated their services to help me.  In just one day I had received more love and care than I had known in years.  My savior knew she could not keep me because she was going off to collage so she drove me three hours to the collie rescue.  By golly things just keep getting better and I have my very own orthopedic bed to lay on with a blanket to keep me warm.  How could all this be possible?  Maybe I was hit by a car because I surely am in Heaven now.  Lee, thank you so very much for stopping that day and taking the time to make a difference in the life of this old fella.  My new life started that day.

The love just keeps coming and thank you Jeryl Stoltz, Mary Jane Checchi, Pam Barron, Chris Hillhouse, Nancy Gooding, Rebecca Fox, Kimberlee Rettberg, Carol Lightcap, Anne White, Ann Bishop, Katherine Rahman, Lee Alexander, Deborah Sullivan, Susan Huneycutt and Debbie Olsakovsky for helping with my care.


















5/28/14:  Because of the pain I would have to endure getting in the van the mobile vet came out today to examine me.  I have so many problems with the tick diseases, upper respiratory infection, severe hip pain and I am just miserable.  I ate a pound of ham, a pound of chicken and my favorite, a can of spam.  Then the vet gave me a shot that made me very sleepy.  After about fifteen minutes of being loved and petted I feel asleep under this tree which is my favorite place to lay.  Then she helped me to cross over to the rainbow bridge where I am now free of pain and healthy again.  Do not cry for me and thank you for giving me the gift of being free from the pain I was in.  Thank you for letting me feel your love and know there are people who care before I crossed.

5/25/14:  The mats have been shaved out and it sure is good to be getting air to my skin.  The ticks were pulled off and I had pretty much every species of them.  They did however cause me to end of with two different tick diseases and no one knows how long I have been sick.  I also have an upper respiratory infection and on antibiotics.  Now if all that isn’t bad enough my hips are so painful that I cannot bare for anyone to touch my rear area.  I don’t want to bite anyone but I will because it hurts so bad.  The vet is coming out this week to access my condition because it is to painful for me to get in the van.  This senior fellow is very tired of the misery I have endured over the years from owner neglect.

Union County, SC











5/16/14:  I’m the new boy at ten years old coming into rescue today.  My people are moving and guess they aren’t planning to take me since I was left at the animal shelter.  They didn’t spend any time with me or take care of me very well and I understand I am on my way to a better life.  I can’t wait to get a much needed brushing and a bath.  Please check back to see my pictures after the beauty treatment and updates as the rescue folks get to know me.

These wonderful folks already care about me and helping me get ready for my new home:  Jim Sain, Karen Creager, Susan Huneycutt, Ann Bishop, Sheila Nelson, Kimberlee Rettberg, Audrey Sumner, Danita Morgan, Mary Witul, Eric Oaks, Rebecca Fox, Ann Moyle and David Taylor

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