Chief (Adopted)










2/9/19:  The McIver’s have decide to give me a home for the rest of my days.  I have fit right in and finding my place in the family.  Miss Jean forgot to tell mom I am used to eating around 5:00 am.  She was a bit surprised when I demanded to have breakfast at such an early hour.  However they love me all ready and I’m always making them laugh.  I have truly found a wonderful home where I will receive all the love and care I need.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find Renee and David.

1/27/18:  Here is an update on me.  I went to the vet this week for a bath and a complete check over.  My bloodwork was good and I have some arthritis I take pain medication for.  They also found a golf ball sized, solid mass at the top of my anal sphincter.  This mostly happens to un-neutered males and I am not.  With all my hair you can barely see it and doesn’t really bother me.  Since I will be eleven in March the rescue has decided not to put me through such an invasive surgery and not put me through all that pain.  Therefore there is not really a reason to find out if it is cancer or not.  Just like with any senior the person who fosters me must understand the day for me to cross will come sooner than later.  However I could live several more years and nothing is guaranteed in this life.  I’m happy the way I am and just want a home to live out my days with love and care.



1/20/19:  At 10 years old I am the Chief around here and such a sweet guy.  My person had to go in the hospital and isn’t coming back so I am looking for a new home.  I have been well take care of over the years and loved very much.  I’m housetrained and crate trained although I don’t need a crate.  I have very good house manners and get along great with the other dogs.  My coat was shaved earlier in the summer and it will grow back.  The rescue would like to place me in a permanent foster home.  This is where they will pay my medical bills within reason and all you have to do is love and feed me.  Please contact the rescue about this program.  If you would like to donate to our senior fund just hit the button below.











Thank you Sandy Cook and George Jensen for donating to help with my medical cost.  So good to know folks care about me.



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