Colton (Adopted)


3/19/21:  I’m going home with Linda and Gary today.  This is my new pal Kayden and I can tell you now she doesn’t tolerate any butt sniffing. I think I will have to give up on that form of saying hello.  Anyway here I am at my new home with my adoption toy.  Thank goodness they realize I don’t need a crate and let me sleep on a dog bed.  I am so happy to have found the Plante’s and know I will have a great life with them.



3/11/21:  Hi folks, I am a young, ten year old, tri collie fellow at about 64 pounds.  My person has cancer and wanted to make sure I have a good home so I came to the rescue.  I have always lived outside but you would never know it because I have great house manners.  My coat is a bit dry and bleached out by the sun but if will get all healthy again.   I get along with the other dogs and enjoy a good game of fetch.  I would prefer to be an inside dog now with a nice dog bed.



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