Cooper (Home)


4/9/21:  Mom came to take me home today and we both cried and hugged each other.  I jumped all around the room barking with happiness.  I have been very sad since leaving and pretty much shut down.  I wouldn’t eat, paced all the time and I really wanted to go home.  The family all got together and each one will help mom with taking care of me and we can be together again.  I want to thank all the people that wanted to adopt me but home is where I want to be.


















4/4/21:  Hello folks, I just arrived yesterday and right now I am a bit scared and confused.  I’m a ten year old collie fellow in great health and about 60 pounds.  My person loved me very much but she has health problems and cannot take care of me.  I am housetrained and crate trained although I don’t need one.  I have very good house manners.  I’m fine with the other dogs and like their company.



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