Bringing in the sheep is my favorite part of the reunion and means the day has begun.  Here is a short movie of Lexus herding them in.









It was a windy and chilly day for humans however the dogs loved it.  This is a very special day for me and the folks who volunteer because we get to see the dogs we have fostered, groomed and trained once again.  However we do not recognize them anymore because they are no longer sad, matted, skinny and scared.  They are now healthy, happy, loved, beautiful and a very different collie from the one we remember.  Thanks to everyone that brought them and let us see them again!


The herding instinct test starts promptly at 8:00.  It is simply an evaluation to see if they have the herding instinct.  It is amazing to watch because the collies will go in with the sheep, sniff around and then you see this light bulb go on over their head.  Then they go into action realizing herding was what they were born to do.   This year 38 dogs participated and 29 passed which is pretty amazing.  Here is a video of Colt herding for the first time ever seeing a sheep.



 This one did not pass however the owner did for the sixth year in a row.










Some of you will remember the Willow’s puppies we had last year and she was a sheltie.  It was wonderful to see Tank that I had held in my hand and bottle fed.  He is a year old now and a special treat to see my grandson.


 It’s time for lunch and the blessing of the collies.  Also time to be thankful for all the collies that have found homes and a time to remember our good friend Donna who would have been sixty this day.  This was our 8th reunion at Finley Vue Farm and we thank Kelly for carrying on the tradition.

We would like to thank Kernal Kustard in Winston-Salem, NC for donating the hamburgers and hotdogs.  They are great friends to the collies in rescue and help in many ways.






Here is our mascot in the lake and you will notice he is wearing a CRC shirt.  We had lots of great items in the silent auction.

Many collies went shopping and their owners now have CRC t-shirts and sweatshirts.








Some of the collies had play time together in the lower pasture.  Just running and playing with each other.












 Did I mention that it was windy?  We had everything packed, loaded and all that was left was to take the tent down.  This is when the wind decided to pick it up and toss it into the pond.  That is except for the three legs we had tied to the fence whick broke off.  At least it waited until the end of the day.




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