Daly (Adopted)



7/19/21:  I am now a member of the Knapp Family.  We had a long trip home where I met Dante that was also adopted from the rescue.  We also have cats which I get along with really well.  We are already going on walks together where I met the neighbors.  Unfortunately they do plan to keep me on this diet and I am slowly losing the weight.  I’m going to be very happy here with Hal and Kathy.






GREAT NEWS FOR ME:  I went to the vet this week for some bloodwork and a recheck .  All test came back negative and I DO NOT have heartworms or Ehrlichiosis tick disease.  My staph infection has cleared up and all I need is a spay.  We will wait until I have lost more weight before spaying and I have already come down 11 pounds.  I love to play with toys and really like the cats.

7/2/21: I was picked up by animal control as a stray and taken to the shelter.  Those nice folks gave me a good grooming and a bath.  My coat had to be cut short because of the mats.  I’m a 3 year old collie girl that is very overweight at 105 pounds.  I’m on a weight loss program and that should come off quick.  I do have a light case of heartworms that will be treated, Ehrlichiosis tick disease and a staph infection on my belly.  As you can imagine I am on a lot of medicine.  I have a wonderful, outgoing personality with good house manners and leash walking.  I get along fine with the other dogs and the cats are ok with me.

Thank you Theresa Kleeman for helping with my medical needs.


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