Dolly (Adopted)










4/13/19:  George and Melody came to take me home today.  The Victor’s have a special place in their hearts for us senior collies and I know how lucky I am.  Luca has welcomed me into the home and glad to have the collie company.  I sure have come a long way and thanks so much to the people that help to make this great home possible for me.










3/31/19:  Just look at my now and I feel like a different girl.  All those hard mats gone from behind my ears and on my rear.  The volunteers brushed out a yard size trash bag of fur from my coat.  Finally my skin is not being pulled and can get some air.  I will be going to the vet this week for a full check up and have a slight limp on my right, front leg.  Love this sleeping in the house thing and get along great with the other dogs here.  Thanks everyone for helping with my care and my new life.










3/24/19:  On my 11th birthday I was taken to the animal shelter, unwanted by the family when my owner passed away.  It has been a long time since my coat received any care.  My hair is matted to the skin and I very much need a bath.  My dewclaws had curled around and grown into the skin causing a lot of pain when I walked.  I’m a bit overweight at 80 pounds and have some arthritis due to my senior years.  I’m looking forward to getting cleaned up and being beautiful again.  Thank goodness I am heartworm negative and will get a complete checkup at the vet.  Please check back to see my progress and keep me in your prayers.

Thank you Phyllis Horn, Charles Finn, Belinda Black, Barry Knapp, Claudia Kelley, Anne Tarbutton, Teme Levbarg, Robert Ashmore, Susan Veld, Susan Lamparter, Jan Wiley, Ann Bishop, Maria Maxwell, Gale Davis, Barbara Shoaf, Deborah Brown, Barbara Minakakis, Deb Slade, Elaine Finn, Rosemary Aja, George Jensen, Kim E. Moore, Deborah Knowles, Barbara Bennett and Kimberly Agzigian for caring about me and donating toward my care.



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