Freckles (Adopted)

3/15/20: Joining the Jender family and ready to start my new life.  They understand that I have not been well socialized with humans and that it will take time for me to appreciate the good life.  I have another dog to play with and he will help to give me some confidence.  I know I can adjust and it will just take time.  Thank you Molly and Mitchel for giving me this great chance.









3/1/20:  Had that neutering thing this week and weighing a bit lighter now.  I am gaining confidence and decided I really like those pets humans give.  I get along great with the other dogs and pretty much afraid of the cat.  I think I would do best in a home with another dog and people that will give me time to learn to trust.


































2/16/20:  I’m a seven month old collie fellow at 56 pounds and have had a rough start in life.  So thankful to be here at the rescue and to learn about the good life.  A little shy but starting to adjust to all these wonderful pets.  Working on the housetraining, crate training and walking on the leash.  I will be neutered next week.

Thank you Lizabeth Meyer and Deborah Brown for helping with my medical needs.


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