Gatlin (Adopted)


4/6/19:  Sharon and Harold are the perfect folks for me and enjoying my new home with them.  I fitting right in and it is so wonderful to be in the house with my family.  My new pal Paisley is teaching me the ropes out and we play out in the yard together.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find the Cox’s.


























3/31/19:  New to the rescue and a 7 year old, 75 pound collie fellow.  I have lived outside most of my life and sure enjoying being in the house with the people.  It is like being a puppy all over again with so many new things to learn.  I am crate trained  which I need if unattended and learning there are things I cannot chew on.  I don’t do it often but every now and then something looks really good.  Doing well with the housetraining and walk on the leash.  Now I’m no couch potato and enjoy a good game of fetch out in the yard.  Love children and toys.


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