Shimmer (Adopted)





1/12/21:  The Smallin’s brought their adopted dog to meet us rescue collies today.  Rosie and I hit it off right away and had a great game of chase out in the yard.  On the way home we stopped for a puppuccino and wow have I been missing a good thing.  It is pretty clear I am going to be spoiled and loved with Jean and Anita.


1/10/21:  I am a three year old collie girl at about 50 pounds.  I am in rescue because my person felt like she had to many dogs.  That is ok because I get so much more attention here.  There are so many things I am not use to and loud noises scare me.  I love to go for rides in the car and will hop right in.  I do fine with the other dogs and I am terrified of that cat.  I have mastered crate training and do pretty good on the leash if there is nothing to scare me.  I think I will get better about this as I learn about these new things.  I am doing great with the housetraining but will sometimes submissive pee.  I just need a whole lot of love and understanding.


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