Glitter (Adopted)


12/27/19:  Zora came to take me home where it will be just us girls and the cats.  Just the home I had been hoping for where it is nice and quiet.  Zora has experience with shy dogs and understands it will take me a while to decide to trust humans.  Thanks everyone that helped to make this great home possible for me.












12/8/19:  Thank goodness the animal shelter picked me up as a stray and I came to the rescue.  I haven’t been very well cared for the first three years of my life.  I’m a small girl at about fifty pounds.  It looks like I recently had puppies and have now been spay.  I also have heartworms that will need to be treated.  Right now I am a bit shy and learning how great it is to live in the house.  Doing great with the housetraining and good with the other dogs.

Thank you Helen Kline, Cochran and Barbara Crockett for helping with the cost of my heartworm treatment.


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