Layken (Adopted)


2/9/19:  Going home with Denise today and I will have my very own dog bed to sleep on.  I have a puppy boy to play with and straighten him out occasionally as he is rambunctious.  Me and Spencer follow Denise everywhere and are her shadow.  There are some little dogs here also and a senior collie girl.  We are all getting along just fine and I have fit right in.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find my home.















1/6/19:  Zana and I came in together when our owners could no longer care for us.  I am a two year old white, collie girl with a tri head.  My coat was shaved due to mats and fleas.  I do have a light case of heartworms that will be treated next week.  I have learned crate training, doing great on the leash and housetraining was no problem.


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