Mirage (Adopted)

11/2/19  Today I am joining the Parham Family.  They were really missing having a collie in the house since their girl passed.  After visiting the rescue I am pleased to say they picked me.  I’m going to get so much attention being the only dog and have my very own girl to play with.  Thanks everyone that help me to find this great home.










10/27/19:  I’m a four year old collie girl that recently had puppies before coming to the rescue.  My coat was shaved but it will grow back in time for winter.  I have been to the vet for a checkup, bath and now spayed.  No problem with the housetraining and I’m also crate trained.  Walk well on the leash and learning basic commands.  I get along with the other collies and don’t mind the cats.


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