Misio (Adopted)




6/1/20:  I am excited to be going home with Donald today.  He is exactly the person I have been waiting for and us guys are going to do everything together.  Being the only dog I will get all of the attention and will help Donald work from home.  After an easy ride home I have inspected my new yard and also in the house.  I think I will be very happy here.


5/23/20:  My name means big, loveable teddy bear and that suits me perfect.  I am a 5 ½ year old collie fellow at 75 pounds.  I have perfect house manners, loose leash walking and know basic commands.  My person loved me very much but due to uncontrollable circumstances I am at the collie rescue.  I would prefer a home where I can be the only dog as this is what I am used to.  I am a bit afraid of small children and would prefer them at least 10 or up please.  I enjoy playing with toys, rides in the car and going for walks.







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