Riley & Simon (Adoption Pending)




















2/10/19:  We are seven year old brothers and been together all since puppies.  Our mom became bed ridden and could no longer take care of us.  We have outstanding house manners with no accidents and never bother things on the counter or the trash.  We have been neutered and went to the vet this week for blood work which was great and a much needed bath.  Not real big on the car rides and pretty much like staying home following you around.  We are very dependent on each other and would like to stay together.

Thank you Barbara Minakakis for helping with our medical cost.










Riley:  I’m a skinny fellow at 52 pounds and on puppy food to put on some weight.  I also get extra treats anytime I ask for them and not a picky eater.  Learning some new things here at the rescue like sit and how to keep all four feet on the ground.  Doing great with the leash walking but has to go too.










Simon:  Don’t blame me because Riley is skinny and people always think I eat all the food since I’m fat at 70 pounds.  Actually I don’t care that much about food and will only eat from a plate.  I was covered in mats and some had to be cut out.  I love to be brushed and will roll over for you to do my belly.

Thank you Ann Bishop and Barbara Crockett for caring about us fellows and helping with our medical needs.



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