Rusty (Adopted)


2/27/21:  Now that my medical work is complete I can go home with Elaine.  We had a long ride home and then took a walk together. Toby the sheltie will be my new pal and he needs a calm guy like me to be around.  I know I’m going to have a great life here and thanks everyone who helped me to find this indoor home.


2/8/21:  I’m looking and feeling real good after my bath and a good brushing.  My coat just shines now and shows off my beautiful mahogany color.  My blood work came back perfect so I am now scheduled for my dental and neuter in a couple of weeks.




1/31/21:  I am an 84 pound collie fellow that just turned nine years old this month.  Having lived outside most of my life I am in need of a good brushing and a bath.  I will be going to the vet this week for an evaluation of my medical needs.

Thank you Helen Kline, Pamela January and Kimberlee Rettberg for caring about me and helping with my medical cost.



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