Seamus (Adopted)


9/30/19:  I am at my new home with Miss Kim.  I awake her every morning with kisses and massive snuggles.  We are going for walks together, met all the neighborhood kids who love me because I am so gentle and kind.  Love my new job of keeping the squirrels out of the yard.  Thanks everyone who helped me on my journey.

9/22/19:  I’m a 5 year old collie fellow at about 85 pounds.  This is way to much weight for me and I am on a diet.  My coat was pretty matted so some of it had to be shaved.  I am at the collie rescue because my little girl was diagnosed with a very low immune system.  My family was afraid I might scratch her or bring something into the house.  I have been well taken care of and was very much loved.  I’m a great guy getting along with everyone.  Housetrained, crate trained although I do not need one and good on the leash.


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