Sedona (Adopted)


6/25/19:  Landee and Philip came to meet us today and take us to our new home.  We are going to live at the beach and guess we will learn what that is later.  Being seniors we cannot do a lot of stairs and that’s ok because we will have an elevator to ride up and down in.  It is special folks that take in us seniors and love us as if we will live forever.  We know we are going to have a wonderful life with the Roth’s.  Thanks everyone that helped us to find them.  Winner & Sedona






6/23/19:  I’m a ten year old, smooth girl that was found as a stray with fly bitten ears and heartworms.  Rather than put me through heartworm treatment at my age it was decide to put me on preventive and kill them the slower way.  I have some arthritis in my right front leg causing me to have a slight limp but on anti-inflammatories which helps with the pain.  Getting some of this weight off will also help.  I am housetrained, don’t need a crate and get along with the other dogs.  I do not however care for cats and would rather not be around them.  Love the humans and children are fine.  Due to my age the rescue would like to place me in a permanent foster home. This is where the rescue will pay for any medical needs I might have and all you have to do is love me.















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