Shakespeare (Adopted)

9/26/19:  Here I am with my new family, The Cook’s.  That’s my new buddy Kelton in the picture and he was also adopted from CRC.  Dad takes us for walks in the state park and we sometimes see school kids which I love.  I am still trying to figure out those cats and that make take some time.  Bob and Sandy love me already and so glad I have found them.














9/16/19:  I’m a five year old, blue merle, collie fellow at 95 pounds.  My owner took me to the vet to have me put down because I have dermatitis which is very common in dogs and people.  I was itchy all over and my hair was falling out.  Anyway the vet called some rescue folks that called CRC and here I am.  The rescue immediately took me to their vet for a good look over and an update of my vaccinations.  The vet prescribed Atopica to treat my skin and I am doing wonderful on it.  No more itching, scaling and my hair has stopped falling out.  All these years I have suffered when there was a medicine that would help me.  I am housetrained and will jump right on the grooming table to have my hair brushed.  Love going for car rides and on walks around the neighborhood.  True to the blue merle personality I am a bit mischievous and will steal things off the counter but not when you are looking.  I don’t really care for the cats but like the other dogs.  Also I’m not very poetic.



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