Shasta (Adopted) Surry Six


7/4/19:  Happy Independence Day for me and I’m going home with Edith and Janet.  All my babies have been adopted and now it is my turn.  There is no doubt that I am going to be very much spoiled and get so much attention from these ladies.  Thank so much to everyone that cared about me and my little family.  I’m starting a great, new life today.

























6/23/19:  My babies have left the nest and now it is my turn to find my home.  After my milk dries up I will be spay.  Although I have been a great mother I am pretty much just a baby myself.  Gaining some of my weight back and now at 30 pounds.  I’m a bit of an alpha type girl and do better with the males.  I pretty much ignore cats and don’t care about them.  I am housetrained, leash trained and crate trained.  Learning to play fetch and love my toys.

















6/10/19:  My babies are seven weeks old now and will be leaving the nest soon.  I have been a very good mom but glad I will never have a litter again.












5/13/19:  “Puppies are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”  I proudly like to introduce you to the “Candy Kids” Puppy Club at Collie Rescue of the Carolinas!!!  They are three weeks old now and starting to walk.










5/1/19:  Taking a break from the kids and having a good romp outside.  I’m a good mother but sadly three of the puppies did not make it.  I have 4 girls and 2 boys and they are one week old now.  They will be ready for adoption in about 7 weeks.


4/23/19:  Well this single mom has outdone herself with nine puppies.  Please meet my new family and they sure are a lot of work.  We are doing really well, everyone getting fed and they scream when I take a potty break.  Please check back to see how we are doing.

















4/19/19:  I’m a little 1 ½ year old collie mix girl at about 40 pounds and very pregnant.  After a visit to the vet it was determined my puppies are due any day.  I had a bath and my privates shaved so I will be ready for the big day.  I have my very own room and a plastic swimming pool to have my babies in.  I’m getting good nutrition and the Facebook group folks are having a puppy shower for me.  I will be ready for my new home in about 2 ½ months.  My life sure has changed for the better and want to thank everyone that has helped me.



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