Sujo (Adopted)


1/26/20:  Finally, a great family looking for a ball player.  I am happy to be joining the Heins Family today.  Please meet my new playmates Lacey and Bravo and I think they are ten years old.  They aren’t much on playing fetch but like to chase me as I run after the ball.  These are my two girls and I have another one at college I will meet later.  Then of course there is Bill who is great at throwing the ball and we are going on hikes together.  Looks like I’m going to fit right in with the Heins Family.









12/5/19:  Hello my name is Sujo, a three year old collie fellow at about fifty pounds.  A slim kind of guy and could stand to gain a few pounds so I am eating puppy food.  I am an avid ball player and will fetch the ball as long as you will throw it.  Since I have been an only dog for the first part of my life I am learning how to interact with the others.  Stuff like they really don’t like to be humped and doing it can get me beat up.  I’m not a big fan of the cat and really don’t care for them.  I am at the rescue because my person had to work long hours and wanted me to have a home with more attention.  I am housetrained, crate trained and good walking on the leash.

Thank you Susan Veld and Lee Walters for helping with my medical needs.


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