Tempo (Adopted)



7/16/21:  Well I sure found me a good home and now living with Anita.  She has been a bit sad after losing her Ranger so I will cheer her up and keep her busy.  We are  going to go on many walks together and I understand the neighbors are looking forward to meeting me.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find her.




















7/11/21:  Hi guys, I’m a 5 month old, tri collie puppy.  As you can see I have a floppy ear and a short, strange looking tail.  While I might not be the prettiest puppy I have an outstanding personality.  I’m a good boy and do not chew on things I shouldn’t and don’t even steal bedroom shoes.  I don’t really like a crate and prefer to sleep on the floor by your side.  I will let you know if any strangers come in the house but I’m afraid of that cat.  I’m pretty good on the leash and we are working on my housetraining.


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