Macaron (Adopted)





6/25/22:  Shortbread don’t have anything on me and I’m going to my new home today also.  Would you just look at my great family and I am so happy to be joining them.  Here is a picture of me with my new brother that was also adopted from CRC.  I know I’m going to have a wonderful life with the McGinnis Family.  Thanks to the folks that helped me to find them.









6/20/22: I get along with any other dogs and the cats that I really like. I am one of the best guys you will ever meet.  I am housetrained and that never was a problem and crate trained.  I have learned leash walking and to sit.  I’m a very smart fellow and learn really quick.










Here is a picture of mom and the collie is our dad.  As you can see from the DNA Report I got most of collie genes but a lot of husky coloring.  I do not have any of the husky traits like escaping. At one year old I was living on a farm just running loose with no vaccinations or flea / tick prevention.  Animal control decided to take me in and called the collie rescue.  Then went on our first car ride with Judy and Steve that brought us to rescue.  At first we were afraid to get out of the car but after some coaxing we finally gave it a try.  Right away we were each given our very own bowl of food and some fresh water.  Oh what a wonderful place this is and we are so thankful to the collie folks that also care about the mixes too.  We are the sweetest dogs, not barkers and very smart.  So far I have received vaccinations, wormed, flea treated and heartworm tested which was negative and neutered.  I did test positive for lyme disease because of all the ticks and now on antibiotics to clear that up.







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