Trace (Adopted)


3/19/21:  I am becoming a member of the Woodiwiss Family today.  Ashley and Mary have been waiting for a fellow just like me to come along.  We had a long ride home and I behaved the whole way.  Once we go home I tore around the backyard getting some energy out.  I had a big dinner and we went on a walk around the neighborhood.  Then I fell asleep peacefully in my crate.  It has been a really big day for me.







3/13/21:  I am an 8 month old collie fellow at about 50 pounds.  I am housetrained, crate trained and learning basic commands.  Doing pretty good with the leash walking and riding in the car.  I love a good run out in the yard and enjoy a game of fetch.  I have a lot of energy as most puppies do and need exercise.  I do prefer the ladies and I’m not that great with other males.  I’m ok with the cat but I want to play with them and will chase them if they run.


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