Valor (Medical Hold)



























4/3/22:  About 2 months ran out the door and got hit by a car.  I immediately jumped up and ran off.  After 2 ½ weeks I showed up home very skinny as I had not eaten.  After the rescue picked me up, they discovered I am bowel incontinent which means I sporadically drop balls of poop without knowing.  It is possible something happened inside when I was hit by the car and of course it could be something else.  Because I am so skinny I need extra food which means I poop more.  Please keep me in your prayers and also Ms. Jean who is doing all the cleaning for me.  I will be going to see the specialist the end of the month and hoping they can help me.  I know no one wants a collie in the house pooping everywhere but I really don’t want to be an outside dog either.

3/20/22:  I am at the rescue because my person had a medical emergency.  I am about 4 years old,  a smooth collie fellow at 50 pounds.  I have been to the vet for my bath, vaccinations and neuter.  I get along great with the other dogs and also the cats.  I am crate trained and learning basic commands.

Thank you Tara Lane, Kristine Mangor, Landee Roth, June Evans, Barbara Rosso, Deborah Knowles, Shannon Burdick, Calley Steelman and Chelsea Reighard for helping with my medical needs.



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