Vanity (Adopted)

4/10/21:  Finally I can go home with Rhonda and Melvin.  We have been waiting for my medical work to be complete.  They immediately noticed my now 10 pound slimmer size.  Not quite ready for that bikini but I’m getting there.  We will wait until my thyroid is stable and I lose more pounds before my spay.  We had a quiet ride home where I met Macy.  She and I were instantly friends whit her showing me all around the yard and house.  Adding a picture of me in my new home and thank to all that helped me to find the Jaynes.


3/20/21: I was picked up as a stray by the animal shelter.  The rescue folks are guessing me to be between 6 and 8 years old and if you can believe it I weigh 105 pounds.  My coat is very think and I have hair loss which is all classic signs of a low thyroid.  Sure enough after going to the vet my thyroid was so low they were surprised I was feeling so good.  I have started on medicine now and it is very inexpensive at about $8 per month.  I will need to stay on it the rest of my life.  Now my hair will start to come back in and these pounds will drop off quickly.  As you can see I have great hips and still lay like a puppy.  I’m a very sweet girl that gets along with the other dogs and the cats.  I’m housetrained and enjoy sleeping on a dog bed.  I have a great personality and love to  be petted.

Thank you June Evans and Pamela January for donating to help with my medical cost.


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