Victoria (Adopted)










2/23/19:  Today I am starting my new life with the Low’s and so far it is great.  I have a brand new bed which I immediately found and tried out.  Loving the big yard to explore and of course all the attention I am getting from Sandy and Cameron.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find this great home.










2/10/19:  I’m doing much better and starting to adjust to my new life.  Found a dog bed that is just right for me and that is my spot.  However when I want to get away from everything I go in my crate for a nap.  I still don’t like to eat from those stainless steel bowls so my food is served on a plate.  I enjoy rides in the car and will hop right in and lay down.  Since I am a bit overweight it would be good for me to go on walks to get more exercise.  I was very excited when the two puppies came in and I love playing with them.  Guess it is the mother in me coming out.  Anyway, I am housetrained and no accidents in the house for me.  I am still a bit shy around strangers until I get to know them.










1/27/19:  My owner passed away so I came to the collie rescue at eight years old.  I am very confused right now and don’t understand why I can’t go home.  Right now I will only eat if I am hand fed and don’t really want to interact with the other dogs.  It’s loud here with a lot of commotion that I am not used to.  I would prefer a more quiet home where I can be the only one but cats are ok with me.  I am a bit overweight so me not eating much isn’t a problem.  I still need another good brushing and these folks have already gotten two trash bags of hair out.  I don’t mind all the brushing but don’t touch my feet please.  I do have to wear a muzzle to have my nails trimmed because I don’t like it.  Went to the vet this week for a checkup and a much needed bath.  My bloodwork was good and my teeth are in good shape.  If you are looking for a quiet, gentle kind of girl I may be the one for you.

Thank you George Jensen and Barbara Minakakis for helping with my medical needs.



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