Ziva (Adopted)

3/1/20:  Well I have finally picked out my family.  We hit it off right away and I will be joining Nelda and my new pal Beau.  He really needed an older woman to teach him things and a play buddy.  Beau let me know Nelda is a good mom and takes very good care of him.  I think we are all going to do just fine together.




































2/16/20:  My folks had to move to an apartment.  I didn’t really care for being cooped up without my fenced yard and wasn’t happy.  They felt I would rather go to a new home where I could have more freedom.  I am a seven year old collie girl at about 65 pounds.  I am housetrained and crate trained but I don’t need a crate.  I walk nicely on the leash and fine in the car.  I get along fine with most other dogs.

Thank you Susan Veld for helping with my medical needs.



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