Alton (Adopted)



6/18/23:  I am so happy to have joined the Broich Family.  I fit in so well, it is like I always lived here.  They let me jump on the couch for snuggles and pets.  I have a new collie friend and Lexi has showed me all around the yard.  This is the perfect home for me and I’m so happy to have found Connie and Dave.


6/15/23:  I am a six year old collie fellow glad to be here at the rescue.  I have been passed around a bit with going from a friend to a friend.  I’m a great guy and excited to find my forever home.  I am great with the other dogs and don’t pay any attention to the cats.  I’m learning basic obedience commands and lose leash walking.  I am crate trained and no problem with the housetraining.  I am a bit skinny and getting lots of food here.



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