Anthem (Adopted)














4/3/22:  Finally, all my medical work is complete and I can go to my new home with the Paddock’s.  I will have Molly and Teddy to play with and they are collies also.  I was very excited to see Grace when we arrived home.  She let’s me be a lap dog and I will sleep in her room.  I know I am going to be very happy here and excited to start my new life. 


























3/20/22:  I am at the rescue because my person had a medical emergency.  I am about a 2 year old, blue merle collie fellow at 50 pounds.  I will soon be going to the vet for a bath and my neuter.  My evaluation is in progress as the folks get to know me.  Please check back to see how I am doing.

Thank you Shannon Burdick for helping with my medical needs.


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