Archie (Adopted)














3/6/22:  Today I am going home with Sharon, David and Duffy.  They are very experienced collie people and have adopted many over the years.  Duffy is going to show me the ropes and we are going to be great pals chasing squirrels together.  I sure am happy to be joining the Lamparter Family and starting my new life.







































2/27/22:  Hello, my name is Archie, a four year old collie fellow at about 65 pounds.  About two years ago my Achilles’ tendon was torn on my right, rear leg.  Surgery was done and the vet put a plate in however my leg just wouldn’t heal because I kept getting infections.  Finally, a month ago it was decided to amputate my leg because I wasn’t using it anyway.  I was tired of my leg hurting all the time and having to wear bandages.  I am adjusting very well and learning to balance without it.  I know after a while I will be more comfortable going up and down steps but until then I am using a ramp.  There are tile floors here, so mats were put down for me to walk on safely.  I am a great guy that is good with other dogs big and small, good with kids of all ages and the cat doesn’t bother me.  I enjoy playing a game of fetch, going for walks, swimming and holding paws with people.  I am completely housetrained and have perfect manners.

Thank you June Evans and Barbara Crockett for helping with my medical needs.



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