Aspen & Tucson (Adopted)


8/21/22:  John and Sandra came to adopt one collie.  After showing them what great guys we are they were quickly won over.  So, we are headed out in a great big truck on another long trip.  We will get to spend the  night at a hotel and looking forward to all the new things we will experience.  Thanks to all that helped us to find this great family and we are going to be very happy with them.













8/20/22:  We are two great collie brothers that just turned 3 years old and weigh about 55 pounds.  Our person didn’t have time for us anymore and we were staying in the garage most of the time.  This wonderful lady drove a very long way to give us a ride to the rescue.  We are the sweetest guys you will ever meet and love children.  We get along great with the other dogs and are a bit afraid of the cats.  We are housetrained, walk well on the leash and like rides in the car.  We love each other very much and prefer to stay together.


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