5/30/10  My name is Anna and about a two year old, thirty pound, sheltie mix girl.  My folks took me to the animal shelter and left me there.  I’m a sweet little girl and not sure why.

 6/2/10  Surprise Surprise, today I gave birth to six puppies.  Now it is pretty clear why I was taken to the shelter.  Thank goodness my babies and I are in a safe place.  Miss Jean says in all her ten years of doing rescue this has never happened to her, lol.  I’m a good mother and taking real good care of them.  Please stay tuned to see pictures.





6/3/10  Here we are at two days old with our little pink noses and feet.  Miss Jean says all you rescue folks are our grandparents.  Hello grandma’s and grandpa’s.












6/8/10  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!  Today the four of us are one week old. We all went to the vet for our first check up today and doing better than expected. Even mom is improving now that she has plenty of good food.  Our eyes will start to open during the next week and our ears will wake up also.  Thank you everyone for caring about us.













6/12/10  We are now twelve days old and today we learned about the loving hands of rescue folks.  They came out to visit us and make sure our area is secure for when we begin to crawl.  Just like human babies we crawl before we walk.  We change almost daily and now brown has started to come onto our face.  Looks like we are going to be tri’s.  Mom is doing great also and she doesn’t mind us being visited because she gets lots of love also.  We are one girl (first picture) and three boys.













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