Sophie – Courtesy Listing


6/13/10  I was very skinny and scared and wandering the highway when I lucked up on finding a collie and a hound who said I should stay with them for a while.  They told me they had pretty rough histories of their own, but that with some help I could find some people who would love and care for me too.  The collie boy became my best playmate, though I like running with the hound dog and curling up with the cats too.  I like the chickens here “a little too much” so they tell me, but I could probably be convinced to leave them alone with some training.  There is food to eat and a nice lady vet who said I was only about ten months old, even though I have already been a mama myself.  The lady vet fixed it up so I won’t have puppies again and gave me shots and some medicine and I’ve gained ten pounds since then. I weigh 40 pounds now and you can’t see my spine anymore!  I’m smart and clever, am a border collie mix so I need to have room to run; I like to play and chew on rag bones, but pretty much I am a quiet girl, loving nothing more than curling up with my a person and having them stroke my head and talk to me.  The other dogs say I am special a special girl and special people are going to come take me home one day where I’ll have love all the time, a dog playmate, and care I can count on every day.  Since I’m still pretty much a puppy, I’m really hopeful I can find a family of people and animals of my own, so I can live a long happy life a sweet girl like me deserves.  If you would like to give me a home conatact Tes at 


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