Belle (Adopted)

10/10/20:  No more being an outside dog for me and I’m going home with the Ulmer’s.  From now on I will be an inside collie and a member of the family.  This will be my new pal Chevy who was also adopted from CRC.  Thanks everyone for helping me to find this great home.










9/26/20:  A collie angel came to our farm today and my prayers were answered.  She had come to buy some chickens and didn’t know I was here.  When I saw her I started barking so she would see me all alone in the little dog lot.  She immediately came over to meet me and could see how starved I was for human company.  Since she had adopted a collie from CRC she begin telling the lady about the rescue and they would find me a home.  Some wonderful volunteers gave me a bath and drove me all the way to CRC.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to run free in the fenced yard and have people pet me.  I am a 4 year old white collie girl at 66 pounds.  No problem with the housetraining and I get along fine with the other dogs.  Right now I do get a bit over excited and sometimes jump up.  I understand we will start working on my training and I will be going to the vet for my spay.


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