Bennie (Adopted)


5/20/23:  My new home is with Jim and Becky.  They sure are glad to have a collie in the house again after their fellow passed and I sure am glad to have this great home.  Jim and I go for long walks every day around the neighborhood.  I have so many new toys to play with and a new bed to sleep on.  This is going to be the perfect life for me.









5/7/23:  Bennie here, a 4 year old fellow at about 53 pounds.  My person had to start traveling for work and she felt like I was spending to much time by myself.  I know basic commands, great on the leash and love playing fetch.  I am a very smart guy that is great with the other dogs and cats are ok with me.  I am working on that housetraining a bit because I feel the need to mark but neutering will fix that.

Thank you Susan Harrison for helping with my medical needs.



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