Blade (Adopted)


8/1/23:  Toney has always had CRC collies and looks like I’m going to be the third one.  This young lady needed a playmate and I’m the perfect guy.  I’m getting lots of belly rubs here and sometimes we all wrestle together.  This is the perfect home for me.








7/12/23:  Hello folks, I’m a fun loving, 52 pound collie fellow.  The rescue is guessing me to be about 3 years old.  I am the best leash walker and will stay right by your side.  I do well riding in the car, housetrained and crate trained.  I am still learning some manners like not to jump up or take things from the counter no matter how tempting.  I am great with the other dogs and love to play all day.  I don’t bark much but when I do it is a high pitch bark.  If the cats don’t run I am fine with them but if they do I will chase them because remember I love to play.  I was picked up as a stray by the animal control.  At that time I was covered in ticks which gave me lyme disease.  I am being treated for antibiotics for that.



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