Blaze (Adopted)



3/15/24:  When James came to the rescue he met both me and Sasha.  After taking Sasha home mom and him decided he should come back and adopt me also.  She was so happy to see me that she let me have her favorite spot on the couch.  We are going to have such a great life here with the Pifer’s.



3/5/24:  Will you just look at me after my bath and brushing.  I feel so much better and know I am beautiful.  Went to the vet for my neuter so I am now ready for my new home.  I showed them this week that I can pick that other ear up when I want to.  Doing great with my basic commands and do well on the leash.  I am housetrained and crate trained but I don’t need that crate.









2/18/24:  I am a 7 year old fellow in rescue because my person could no longer keep me.  I am a sweet, quiet kind of fellow at about 68 pounds.  This week I will be going for a good grooming to get all these matts out and then I will be neutered.

Thank you Susan Veld for helping with my medical needs.


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