Bob (Adopted)










12/3/22:  Brianna and David sure hit the jackpot and I’m going home with them today.  They sure know a good boy when they see one.  I will have 2 other fellows to play with and show me the ropes.  You can see I have made myself right and home and I know I am going to have a great life with the Earle’s.















11/20/22:  I am a 2 ½ year old fellow at about 78 pounds.  I probably need to lose at least 8 of that.  I am in rescue because my guy person got sick and had to go to the assisted living.  He wanted to make sure I was safe so I came to the rescue to look for a new home.  I was well taken care of and very much loved.  Currently I am a bit confused and unsure about what is happening.  Bing a resilient collie I am adjusting quickly.  We always lived in an apartment, so I am having a great time in the fenced yard running with the others.  I am housetrained and will let you know if I need to go out.  I have very good house manners and get along great with the other dogs.  I’m pretty good on the leash and enjoy getting pets.  I think I might like to chase the cats and I have never seen those things before.  This week I am going for a much needed grooming.

Thank you Cameron Low for helping with my medical needs.



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