Bonnie (Adopted)


8/7/21:  Will you just look at my three girls and they love to pet me.  I’m so happy the Danks have decided to adopt me and give me a loving home.  We are going to go for walks together and I know I will be spoiled.











7/25/21:  It sure has been a busy week with me going to the vet for a checkup, bloodwork and a bath.  All was good and the vet says I am 6 years old which I knew.  I like to lay in the doorway so I get a lot of exercise from being told get up and out of the way.  I have lost a few pounds and started going on short walks.  We always meet the cats along the way and we get along just fine.






7/2/21: I’m at the rescue because my folks were older and couldn’t keep up with my grooming.  I have always been an outside dog but now that I have learned about air condition I hope that never happens again.  Heck I have already learned how to use the dog door.  One of my people said I am 6 and the other said I am 10 so I am going to the vet for an evaluation and medical work.  The folks are working on getting my coat back in shape and I am on a diet because I’m overweight.  I get along with the other dogs and my evaluation is in progress.

Thank you Susan Veld for helping with my medical cost.



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