Bronco (Adopted)


8/13/23:  Nobody could figure out why I wouldn’t walk on the grass.  When the Morgan’s came to visit don’t you know I walked right out to the middle of the yard to greet them.  Everyone was astounded but I knew this was the family for me.  We go for lots of walks together and I have found me a great spot on the couch.  I just love it here and the cats like me too.






















8/13/23:  I’m a 1 ½ year old collie fellow at about 55 pounds.  I lived on four acres but since there was no fence I would sometimes wonder off.  My person felt it would be safer for me to find a home with a fenced yard.  I am a perfect gentleman on the leash, housetrained and crate trained.  I am great with the other dogs and ok with the cats also.  I am an easy going, gentle kind of guy that rarely barks.  Although I lived on 4 acres I do not like walking in the grass.  I will step off the patio into the grass just far enough to do my business then back on the patio.  I won’t even follow the other dogs into the grass when we are playing.  Don’t try pulling me into the grass because that won’t work either.  The rescue folks are not sure why I do not like the grass.  I’m a healthy fellow and do not have allergies to the grass.


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