Buddy (Adopted)




12/10/22:  Time for my new home and joining the Messenger Family today.  That is my new pal, Parker in the photo and he is a senior fellow also.  He was rescued from an animal shelter like me.  I have already picked out a bed for myself and need a nap after the ride home.  I’m going to be very happy here and The Messenger’s love the older collies.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find them.








11/27/22:  I am now a 57 pound collie fellow and estimated to be about 7 to 8 years old.  I was found as a 37 lb. stray with hair loss from flea infestation and anemic.  I was taken to the shelter and a compassionate, colie rescue lady came to get me.  That is when my healing process begin.  Cured of anemia, neutered, now a strapping 57 lbs. with a growing dark mahogany rough coat, I’m ready for my permanent home.  .  My energy level is medium low, I walk well on a leash, enjoy rides in the car and housetrained.  I’m smart and recently learned the luxury of napping on a dog bed.  I am not a frequent barker and will stop when you tell me to stop.  I’ll rub against you, moaning and groaning for attention and a laugh.  I love rawhide chews and will bring you plush toys for you to play with me – toss them and watch me run for them and return them to you for another toss.  I get along fine with the other dogs and cats also.  I am enclosing some of my before and after pictures.



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